About Madeline

Maddie’s love for horses started at the young age of eight in the lovely town of Ringoes, New Jersey. She grew up in a “non-horse’’ family who made her try every sport and activity under the sun, but nothing clicked. All she wanted to do was ride a pony. It all started the day she rode her bike across the street from her grandparent’s house to Toy Box Farm. She was hooked. Carol Blackman’s (Maddie’s first instructor who represented Bermuda in many world class events) excellent guidance, led her to her start in Eventing.

At age 14 Maddie began working with Buck Davidson Jr. Buck helped her find her career mounts. During the past six years Maddie has achieved unbelievable goals riding her way through the ranks. After working with Buck, Maddie began training with Leslie Law (British Olympic Gold Medaist who is one of the world’s top event riders). She has been training with Leslie since 2006 and enjoys every minute. Leslie has helped Maddie achieve many goals and honors, from competing at her first Advanced event to competing overseas in England. In addition to Leslie’s guidance, world renowned dressage competitor and trainer Betsy Steiner has helped Maddie for years with the dressage phase. Betsy is a wonderful family friend and mentor who has been there through every hard time and amazing accomplishment.

At only 20 years old Maddie is focused on bringing her young stock through the ranks and continuing her amazing journey with her advanced mount Gordonstown. She is also starting a base at Meadow Creek Farm while continuing to grow as a horsewoman and gain more invaluable experience from top riders.

Let the journey continue...